Hero Shot vom City Car


2. Semester Transportation Design

4 week Project

Marrow is a modern, three wheeled city car, designed to help make getting around in daily life a blast.


Symbolbild Parkprobleme in der Innenstadt Photo by Ivana Cajina on Unsplash

Getting around in big cities nowadays is a hussle.

There´s Always the question, where you´re going to find the next parking space or how Long you´re going to spend stuck in traffic.

The Projects aim was to design a small Electric car fit for modern city life that also allows for personal space .


Side-view City Car

Having the capacity to carry no more than one or two People, Marrow is perfect for the daily commutes inside the city.

Easily weaving through dense traffic due to ist three wheeled base it also folds practicly in half, when not in use, reducing the necessary parking space

Parkposition Marrow.


Erste Ideenskizzen für das Projekt City Car.
Sketches für das Projekt Marrow
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