Either for university projects, as a freelance job or plainly for personal entertainment, I´ve worked on multiple projects, sketches, renderings or art. Have a look at the individual sites.


The following projects have all been done for various university courses either individually or in teams.

Beispielbild von Hoops Endergebnis Marrow


This is a collection of sketches done for projects or just for fun. They are mostly done with pencil, fineliners or markers.

Zeichenübung im Rahmen des Projektes Black Tea, Electric Motorcycle Zeichenübung für eine selbst entworfene Powerbank, die auch als Taschenlampe dient.


This is a gallery of some renderings done in Keyshot and Photoshop for various projects.

Designtes Longboard aus dem Kurs Digitaler Modellbau. Abgabe für den Kurs Digitaler Modellbau


I love to draw and paint, in traditional mediums as well as in the digital realm.

Sleeping puppy. Dog in mountain, digital painting